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Why Psychologists And Dermatologists Approve The Use Of Shea Butter

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Psychologists often come across patients who have issues with their physical appearance. Aside from stress, to be honest, that is one of the unspoken reasons why people develop depression, anxiety, eating disorder, and other mental illnesses. Some get bullied because of their skin color; others become a laughingstock because of how wild their hair is.

If you ask dermatologists, though, they can tell you that the answer to such a problem is shea butter.



The Beneficial Factors of Shea Butter for Hair Care

Skincare companies have long discovered the essence of shea butter, an organic fat that originates from a tree of the same name in West Africa, in terms of moisturizing and improving the overall well-being of the skin. However, the consumers are yet to discern the fantastic benefits it can provide to a person’s locks.

Shea Butter Has Rejuvenating And Healing Properties

Eczema, dandruff, and psoriasis are some of the conditions that people from all walks of life may deal with if their scalps are not getting enough amount of vitamins and other nutrients that can make it healthier. Vitamin E, to be specific, is a vital element of the shea butter. It works by rejuvenating the cells underneath the visible skin for the scalp to have moisture intact and inhibit dryness.

In case the situation aggravated to the point of forming wounds on the individual’s head, the natural shea butter can be utilized to reduce the inflammation and allow the healing process to take place. Since the distressed portions of the scalp typically become deprived of hair, the antioxidant properties of the plant fat have the capability of increasing the blood flow in those regions and promoting hair growth in this manner.



It Is A Good Heat Protectant

All women who appreciate proper self-grooming know the importance of applying heat protectant before subjecting their locks to scorching temperature. While this synthetic product costs more, the consumers may prefer to exchange it for a jar of shea butter.

The right technique is to soften this particular fat on the stovetop or in the microwave, and then combine diverse kinds of oil with it, depending on what the people intend to use the organic goods for. For instance, if they want to moisturize the scalp and the hair, including olive oil, will be a great choice. In case they are after the sort of treatments that professional salons provide, then adding coconut oil has more advantageous factors. As a shield from heat damage, the grapeseed oil can work better with the shea butter.

Benefits Of Adding Shea Butter To One’s Skincare Regime

Many consumers who feel attuned to their inner and external beauty have heard of the compensations that they will obtain once they include shea butter in their skincare regime. However, only some of these people have become aware of the fact that the said oil can create wonders for the hair as well.

Shea butter comes from the large nuts given off by the African shea tree. For centuries, the inhabitants of West Africa utilized this oil to soften and maintain the moisture in the skin and hair even during the hottest seasons.



Shea butter is capable of doing such because of its richness in vitamin E, among other things, that prevents the scalp from getting dry. As the vitamins become absorbed into the strands and the skin, the extra antioxidants included in the oil work hard to increase the flow of blood to the scalp and encourage a new wave of hair to grow. In case the user has a sensitive skin condition and can easily get affected by the germs that come in contact with their head, the Shea butter can stop the inflammation and bring comfort to the person. The men and women who often get perms or maintain a job that requires them to make use of harsh hair products, coating the strands with the oil can shield their hair from further damage.

The Usage

Shea butter is excellent not only for moisturizing and treating the consumer’s locks but also for detangling, curling, and heating pieces of it to follow the latest trends prevailing in the world. While a few experts recommend the utility of various techniques for the shea butter to function better on the hair, the whole process of dampening the mane, applying a liberal amount of the natural emollient, and then rubbing on the individual’s preferred kind of oil remains the same. To be specific regarding the oils that will work best on one’s locks, the rule of thumb is that the grapeseed oil is meant to fight the heat, the coconut oil can style the hair better, and olive oil can seal the shea butter into the mane.


In the end, it is safe to say that shea butter can save the day. Look for a bottle of it – or two – in the local stores now. Cheers!

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