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Why Self-Medicating Is A No-No

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I received an invitation to the 2019 World Medicine Conference from my friend/organizer. They knew how deeply invested I was (and still am) when it came to legal drug talks. I had two objectives for coming to the event: a) hear about scientific innovations, and b) support the friends who invited me.

Looking back, I can tell that the panelists have met my expectations and more. I learned of all the new medications for various illnesses, ready for mass production. I also got a fantastic view of the drugs that pharmaceutical companies were about to develop.

When it was the physicians’ turn to speak, a lot of them advised the public against self-medicating. It is an illegal practice that medical professionals always warn people about; however, their need to reiterate it means they’re getting ignored.

In hopes of supporting every physician’s crusade against self-medication, here are the primary reasons why you should do what you’re told.



The Dosage May Not Be Correct
Doctors typically prescribe drugs based on the patient’s symptoms and age. A dosage that’s lower than the recommended value can prolong the duration of the disease. A higher dosage than necessary, on the other hand, may cause dizziness, nausea, and other adverse effects.

The Type Of Medicine May Be Different
Many self-medicating individuals tend to rely on a previous prescription given for a somewhat related illness. Others turn to the internet to look for alternative treatments if the pharmacy refuses to sell the medications. The result is that you end up spending more than you should if you have gone straight to the doctor.

The Patient May Have A More Serious Illness
Self-medicating is a no-no because you don’t know if what you feel are not symptoms of a more severe illness. For instance, you may take ibuprofen when you get flu-like symptoms, assuming that it will go away. But then, these are also signs of severe viral disease. You can’t be sure about which is which unless the doctor says so.



Let’s think twice before thinking of self-medicating again.

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