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Why You Should Attend Health Policy Conferences

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When my friends told me that they attended a seminar about health insurance in the past, I didn’t know how to react without looking insensitive. I thought that it was the most boring thing you could ever do. However, when I became a healthcare agent last year, and I had to go to the 2019 Health Policy Conference, I realized how beneficial it was for anyone in the industry. It could help you:



Learn About Healthcare Status In The Country

A fantastic thing about health policy conferences is that the organizers go big when it comes to their speakers. From CEOs to Congressional leaders—they are all present to update everyone about the healthcare status in the United States. They even welcome questions from the attendees, so you can get all the information you need before the day ends.

Get Acquainted With Different Healthcare Suppliers

Conferences are not only for newbies in this industry but also for administrators who want to meet new suppliers that they can form a partnership with. We are talking about pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment distributors that typically set up a booth around the events center. If you can make a deal with them, you may be able to increase your services or lower your prices. 



Maximize Your Network

Of course, health policy conferences get flocked by many business owners who cover their employees’ medical needs. Their primary reason for attending is to find a health insurance company that can offer competitive rates or better products to them. Partnering with one of them is ideal, especially when they recommend your services to others. Before you know it, your network has already expanded.

Final Thoughts

If you ever get invited to a health policy conference, please don’t act as I did back then. It can help you understand the industry better than any training that the HR may provide. After all, who are better teachers than the lawmakers and bosses themselves?

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