Stem Cell: Hope For Patient With Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is an illness where some areas of the brain become damaged due to loss of brain cells over time.  Its symptoms are involuntary actions (tremor) in some parts of the body, slow movement, stiffness or inflexibility in the muscles, and postural instability.

Top 10 Reasons That Urge People To Make A Trip To The Emergency Room

The idea of visiting the emergency room doesn’t sound appealing to both children and adults.  In fact, no matter what they are feeling, they would try to postpone ER visits as long as they can.  As of 2015, almost 136 million emergency room visits were made, and of this number, approximately 39 million are injury […]

Obesity: Why Strip Off Those Unwanted Body Fats?

Obesity is listed as one of the top 10 most common health issues we are facing today. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute disclosed that obesity and overweight problems are increasing and has become very common among Americans. One becomes obese due to growing proportions and quantity of fat cells in one’s body. It […]